Legend of the Green Dragon - iPhone Application

"LotGD" is a free iPhone application created by Thiago Escudeiro Craveiro and Maarten Goldstein that allows you to play Legend of the Green Dragon more easily on your phone. Get it from the AppStore now.

Legend of the Green Dragon (LoGD) is an open-source web-based role-playing game originally created by Eric Stevens and JT Traub and its game server code is now maintained by the DragonPrime Development group. The game is a remake of Seth Able Robinson's text-based BBS role-playing game called Legend of the Red Dragon. 

The authors of this application are NOT associated with any of the creators and game server hosts and are therefore not responsible for the maintenance or content of the LoGD game servers. The application is simply meant for automatic login and easier navigation of those game server pages.

Problem with playing from iPhone's Safari:

When playing the LoGD game on the iPhone using Safari, a lot of zooming and scrolling is necessary as the HTML pages are not optimized for mobile devices and, hence, are too wide for the iPhone's screen, even in widescreen mode.

The basic layout of the web game consists of three sections:

The LotGD Application

The LotGD app displays the center frame (which is always updated with the results of your actions) and brings up the action picker (usually navigation links in a browser) and stats screen on request using a simple, iPhone native user interface.

Requirements and support notes

LoGD features that are not yet supported:

The first two will definitely be addressed in a future version of the appliation but we cannot promise anything for the rest.

LotGD Application Settings:

The application settings are accessible from the general iPhone settings screen (scroll all the way down for the application specific ones), after tapping on "LotGD", you can enter: Note these are all necessary for automatic login. When you use the app for the first time without configuring the settings beforehand, you will be prompted to enter this information once. If the account information is valid and the game server is available, you will automatically be logged in every time you start the app in the future. If you want to change the login information later, you can do that from the app settings screen.


Many custom plug-ins (or: modules), skins and total conversions (changing the game's setting to something like the Harry Potter universe or a Wild West theme, for instance, while keeping LoGD's gameplay mechanics) have been created for the LoGD game and while we would really like to keep the application compatible to as many of those modifications as possible, we do not have the resources to do that. Chances are that if your custom LoGD game's layout does not differ from the original one, it will work with the app.

As the application parses the HTML pages received from the game server and as the game code is open-source, it is impossible to keep the application compatible with all custom skins and game code modifications out there that affect the HTML page layout.

Skins that have been successfully tested with "LotGD" include:

For total conversions you simply need to test if the application works with your layout. Most app tests were performed with game servers using LoGD code versions 1.0.6+classic and 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition (www.lotgd.net and www.shackbbs.com respectively).

Stability and performance

Note that there is a good reason why we automatically log in the user (next to convenience): The application is meant to be used with the HTML pages inside the game, meaning that we do not officially support the login page or the custom (external) links found there once you log out by selecting the "Quit to the fields" action in the town.

We are trying to keep the basic FAQ, About, Game Instructions and beginner pages viewable from within the app. The same goes for the "Create a character" page but it is recommended to create a character from a browser before you use the application. External links should be redirected to Safari. You will be prompted to confirm whether you want to close the app and bring up Safari with that link.

Logging in manually from the login page should work fine but changing your skin to an unsupported one might crash the app! In that case, the skin should be reset to the previous one and you should be automatically logged back in once you restart the app. Should this not work, try setting your account's skin back to "jade" using a browser and then restarting the app.

After extended use (around the 20-30 min. mark, which should be enough time to complete your turns for the day) you might experience some slow-downs in the app, restarting it should solve that problem. We are still optimizing the app in terms of memory management. For anything else feel free to email support@maartengoldstein.com.